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Print Metalized Advanced Boxes

Metelized paper boxes are high class box type used to make cosmetic paper boxes, functional food or calendars , printed metalized boxes are designed rays, sand sanding, 7 colors color tube to make beauty more attractive.

Metelized box products are often valuable products on the market, and many companies have invested in printing metelized boxes to make the difference between the same product line.

We accept the printing of metelized boxes in small quantities or more, with offset printing technology uv ink, dry, double production line, competitive price on the market,

Specifications on printed products metelized box

Three-dimensional box size (Long X wide X high)

What type of paper box (see the total paper area) best send the file to them to calculate the best paper price

How many offset printing colors (images on metelized box are usually 5 colors)

Is metelized film laminated or not? (Shiny or fuzzy) or UV

The amount to print (the lower the cost)

Touching sand or rays, or holding

Paper material (plain paper is ivory or duplep paper)

Paper size (Thickness) depends on the size and the product that uses the thickness of the box

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