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Special promotion discount from 10% to 20% of printing products in the company star gold, promotion 10 more card. Detail

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It is not easy to choose the quantity, specifications, type of paper, laminated film, etc. (commitment to 100% price). Detail
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Printed chopsticks in the restaurant, scoop cheap tphcm

Life is increasingly demanding of high health so consumers often choose the best possible service, a restaurant or restaurant (food, cafe or food court) with the first look at customers as well. It will make will make a delicious part, peace of mind for customers difficult

Therefore, printing the chopsticks, spoon cover contributes to good image clean polite to customers, but also advertise their information on a shovel, a restaurant or eateries are invested advertising services are printed. Wand is an integral part of your brand identity

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Printed chopsticks of various colors (usually one color)

How envelope shape but how

The quantity of chopsticks should be printed (usually the quantity will be 10,000 bags). Contact us immediately for best price.