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It is not easy to choose the quantity, specifications, type of paper, laminated film, etc. (commitment to 100% price). Detail
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Printed Labels, Paper, Plastic, Plastic, In, Silver

Types of labels are widely used in life, many essential products must have stamps and labels to help users perceive brands, products, components.

Depending on the application of the product, people use different materials, paper labels, paper decal labels, opaque plastic decal labels, plastic decal labels, 7-color decal labels, silver decals

Golden star with many years of experience in production, with offset printing technology, flexo printing, and post-press finishing products have been carefully invested and aimed at serving customers with good quality products. Fast delivery, anti-competitive price

Some information to know before the price tag?

+ Specification: length x width (suffering)

+ Material to be printed (paper, decal paper, decal plastic edit, decal in, decal 7 color, silver decal)

+ The color number of the color is special (special printing on the decal will be the fifth color is white, if there are images on it)

+ Covered film or not, glossy or translucent (or full, uv positioning)

+ Quantity to print (if you have more products printed at the same price will be better)

+ Shape of the label? (Break, teddy or square cut sheet)

+ Needle or not (needle, squeeze)

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