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Carton Box Printing, Carton Box Offset

The carton offset is also a three-layer, five-layer, or seven-layer box. The difference is that the outer sheet uses good, offset-color paper. Offset cartons are usually high-end boxes of valuable products. High value

Offset carton carton boxes are applicable for heavy or fragile products. The carton box is different from the conventional paper box type with the load-bearing layers depending on the weight of the product that corresponds to the number of layers of corrugated paper, Proper paper size for the product,

Advantages of offset printing on carton will make the product more eye-catching, highly aesthetic but also help you maketing product images in a flexible way.

With the demand of many businesses in demand with offset carton, Gold Star Company has invested in large offset printing technology, with carton production line, in order to improve market competitiveness, we are committed. Will bring you the product barrels that the price competitive

Specification of carton carton offset, carton carton

* Size Length X Width X Height

* Paper layers material

* Class 3, 5, 7 tanks

* Wave type of barrel, E, A, B

* Number of color printed carton (2 sides of 1 content, or 2 sides of 2 contents)

Rolled or coated with uv

* How many needles (needles)

Also if you have any other questions or design thung carton offset please contact us

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