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Special promotion discount from 10% to 20% of printing products in the company star gold, promotion 10 more card. Detail

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Print the fastest advertising leaflet Tphcm

Print flyers are the most popular form of marketing today, people choose this form because the price is cheaper than many forms of advertising.

(TV advertising, advertising on the network), gold star company we are the unit that provides printing services prestigious brochure price competition in the printing market.

Golden Stars Company we would like to introduce the package printing leaflets low price promotion to meet the needs of some customers only need a few to advertise.

Order Cheap printed leaflets at Tphcm

Km Print a beautiful 2-day flyer for immediate delivery

Print Flyer A5 at 700,000 VND / 1000 sheets

Print Flyer A4 cost 800,000 VND / 1000 sheets

Price list print ads color flyers

Specification Number Old Promotion
Printed A5 brochure Couche 150 gms, 4-color 2-sided printing 1000 sheets 1,300,000 đ 700,000 VND
Printed A5 brochure Couche 150 gms, 4-color 2-sided printing 2000 sheets 1,430,000 đ 1,000,000 đ
Printed A4 leaflets Couche printed 150 gms, printed in 2 colors 1000 sheets 1,700,000 đ 800,000 đ
Printed A4 leaflets Couche printed 150 gms, printed in 2 colors 2000 sheets 1,430,000 đ 1,400,000 đ
Print A3 brochure Couche brochure 150 gms, 4 color double sided printing 1000 sheets 1,700,000 đ 1,400,000 đ

Price does not include VAT

Price does not include shipping

Price does not include design (design fee 200,000 to 300,000)

The price list prints many flyers

Contact us immediately for the best price sheets, no matter how small or large

Price List Calculator

* Choose paper thickness

* Select the quantity to print

* Choose leaflet size

* Choose membrane lamination or not

* Select fold

* Paper updates regularly

* 100% accurate price


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Price does not include VAT

Prices are inclusive of shipping

Orders over 2 million samples

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A video tutorial on how to print a leaflet

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Especially: long term partnerships we support in terms of price, and flexible forms of payment

Receive delivery to customers outside the province or abroad

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Hotline: 0988.888.611 Minh Hung

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