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Special promotion discount from 10% to 20% of printing products in the company star gold, promotion 10 more card. Detail

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It is not easy to choose the quantity, specifications, type of paper, laminated film, etc. (commitment to 100% price). Detail
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In Folder, small file clamp cheap number

A folder (also called a file or folder) is a necessary product for every business, branding or professional record.

Our folder printing services are manufactured from post-production to offset printing at the factory with a closed process that will bring you high-quality, stable color products.

Price list in Folder Promotion

Specification Number Old Promotion
Print Folder 4 colors 1 side membrane one side paper B300 size 22 cm X 31 cm X handle 7 cm 500 ones 2.800.000 Ð 2,500,000 đ
1000 ones 3,900,000 VND 3,600,000 đ
Print Folder 4 colors 2 sides laminated 2 sides B300 paper size 22 cm X 31 cm X handle 7 cm 500 ones 4,300,000THB VND 3,800,000
1000 ones 5,600,000 5 million đ


Mau folder dep


* Design Fee 300.000 VND (if you have no file yet)

* Promotion applied using molds. In folder ->

* If customers make another mold cost 300,000

* If the type of hips or nape, arms folding more than 7 cm, please contact for quotation

* Price does not include VAT


Price List Folder in multiple volumes

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Choose color number -----> select one face or two face -------> select the paper size -------> select the glossy or translucent one or two sides --- -----> select the quantity to print ====> price results into

* Frequently updated paper

* Commitment to 100%

* Other case of quotation in Folder

* Please send information to us by mail or phone

Product description for Folder for consultation

- Size (length x width X folded arms), hip or not

- number of colors printed and printed several faces

- glossy or translucent, or not rolled

- quantity to print

- If there is more needle or uv then please specify