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It is not easy to choose the quantity, specifications, type of paper, laminated film, etc. (commitment to 100% price). Detail
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Beautiful poster high quality print high technology offset printing iron image, professional design poster support team, cheap competition at tphcm

Poster is an effective advertising tool. Many companies use posters as their marketing strategy, poster brings many advantages of brand image, whenever there is a new promotion or a new product. Many businesses choose to promote it as a poster

Poster usually come in many different forms, posters in decal format, posters with double-sided adhesive, pp posters, with many different uses that are used in materials, usually post-decal and paper use the same, depending on The use of stickers on which surface to use

With many businesses promoting their marketing strategies, paper and decal backgrounds are used because they are low cost (but in small quantity, the price is higher).

If you are in need of poster printing please contact us

Poster material to print (paper or decal)

* Poster size is depending on the desired size can be produced according to ((A4, A3, A2, A0)

* Rolling glossy or translucent film (usually poster products must be laminated to protect)

* Quantity to print

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