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In Card Visit Cheap Price Tphcm

in card visit

The company specializes in card visit, name card, business card, fast printing cheap, fast delivery time

* Do you need a visit card to communicate or to introduce the company to partners?

* Where are you looking for In Card Visit? With star light gold fast professional card printing service!

* Every day we put together to print more than a dozen guests!

* If you are interested in card products, gold starlight is the best choice for a cheap price!

* ------------------------- * ----------------------- - *

* To facilitate the two sides work and delivery date more accurate

- You send the file completed on the morning of the 3rd and 6th Friday, the delivery date will be Wednesday and Saturday

- You delivery files from Friday to Friday, the 4th afternoon is available

- If you deliver file Wednesday morning to Friday, Saturday afternoon is available

- If the file is designed by the company, the time is fast depending on the two sides

* Price in card visit

Kind of paper




4 colors

4 colors

Offset print

Neck Neck

Matt lamination

Neck Neck

Number of printed pages

1 or 2

1 or 2


4 days

4 days

Card type

Common card

Double card


8.8 x 5.3 cm

8.6 x 17.6 cm

5 boxes

100,000 VND

140,000 VND

10 boxes

140,000 VND

240,000 đ

20 boxes

240,000 đ

480,000 đ

Note :

Price does not include VAT and design fee please +5 0.000 thousand

If you have transportation needs 50,000 (in the inner city)

If you do not laminate or laminate please contact for support, the time may be less than 4 days.

The minimum print quantity is 5 boxes of 1 content

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