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It is not easy to choose the quantity, specifications, type of paper, laminated film, etc. (commitment to 100% price). Detail
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In Brochure cheap quantities in small quantities

In brochure, flyers, flyers in small quantities at the star gold price printing fine fast delivery time from 1 to 3 days in stock

There are many different ways of calling, brochures, flyers, flyers, as well as a brochure, for a variety of purposes with gold stars that are well invested in modern printing and printing machinery. Good quality products with low price, many products we can meet your needs of the day

We are committed to 10% to 15% better prices on the market

Please refer to the price list brochure cheap

Note: The brochure price list is the official price (paper prices and materials are updated regularly).

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* Please select the size of the brochure

* Please select the color number of the color (usually the flyer is a picture that is four colors)

* Choose the type of paper (cochue paper is glossy paper, and paper is paper office paper)

* Choose paper thickness (usually the average product uses 150 gms paper thickness)

* 1, 2 lines (position 1 point to easily fold)

* Laminated shaded film, (rolled on one side or two sides)

* Consider the number of brochures to have a good price

* The final result is the cost of printing and total money

If you need more help please contact us for more advice 0988.888.611 Minh Hung

They prioritize long-term customers with many good pricing policies and flexible payment policies


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