List of provincial cities and fast forwarding companies




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Today's ads are more and more developed businesses, the basis of the form of advertising cheap brochures, often aimed at large numbers but the cost is low.

Teacher pamphlets often choose to print colorful and eye-catching flyers, and print a variety of leaflets.

Form tutoring pamphlets, tutoring is one of the strategies to build and promote the brand

Flyers are used extensively in Banks. Through this, banks can transfer information to customers such as: preferential services, interest rates, ....

What is couche paper

This is a kind of white paper, the surface is rolled a compound layer (plaster + xyz ...)

Kraft paper is recycled paper. Kraft is paper made from chemical pulp of softwood processed by kraft processes.

Duplex paper: There is a white and smooth surface similar to Bristol, the other side is often dark as paper. Usually used for printing large size boxes, need to be hard, sure because the quality of Duplex paper is usually over 210g / m2.